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Created for Hide&Seek and presented at the Southbank Centre, the ICA, Wunderbar Festival in Newcastle, AND Festival in Liverpool, the RSC in Stratford, in Cardiff with the National Theatre of Wales, IGFest in Bristol, Sheffield DocFest and The Lighthouse in Brighton.

Moveyhouse is a happening, a reconstruction, and a reconstruction of a happening.

An audience in a darkened room attempts to reconstruct live exactly what is happening in a cinema elsewhere, fed by text messages from unseen figures hidden in the cinema. They have only a table full of props – popcorn, boiled sweets, coca cola, King Kong, an American flag, Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse.

What begins as an act of reconstruction quickly slips into fantasy – there are cheers, there is laughter, there are people rolling on the floor. There is fighting and crying and grumbles about the noise.

Moveyhouse was awarded runner-up in the Most Original Game category at IgFest 2009.

You can see some documentary footage of Moveyhouse from the Brighton version here.

Eponymous is part of Unreal Audiences, a series of projects exploring audience dynamics and the thrill of the crowd.

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