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I am an artist, writer, part-time curator, sometime academic and occasional irritant who lives in Birmingham and works all over the place. I’m interested in adventurous, interesting or formally unusual work whether it calls itself theatre, live art, performance, installation, sound art or anything else. I make my own work which is frequently preoccupied with cities, everyday performance, bad films, interactivity, 20th century history, disasters and the last remaining traces of the American dream.

I am also Co-Director of Forest Fringe alongside Debbie Pearson. Forest Fringe is an artist-led organisation making space for risk and experimentation at the Edinburgh Festival and beyond. Forest Fringe’s innovative community-led approach to supporting and collaborating with artists has allowed it to become a home to some of the country’s most exciting and radical new performance work. (

This is a site on which I try and keep a record of everything that I’m up to and where I will post thoughts, talks and other bits of writing if and when I get the chance.


  1. Hello! A few months ago I experienced your Motorcar at Sundown piece in Bristol. I am intrigued by this use of mp3 and audience as theatre. Is there anyone I can contact for more details on this type of theatre? Many Thanks, Hana

    • Hi Hana,

      Glad you’re interested. You’re welcome to drop me an email if you like to andy[at] and I can try and answer your questions.

      Other artists you might be interested in include Ant Hampton, Duncan Speakman, Melanie Wilson and going a bit further back, Janet Cardiff, Graeme Miller and Blast Theory. You should be able to find out a bit about all of them via google.

      Hope that helps!


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