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Take a seat in the last motor vehicle left anywhere in the world. A once in a lifetime opportunity to really feel what it must have been like to drive a car. Imagine the gargle of the engine. Imagine yourself drifting back in time. You are James Dean, you are Ayrton Senna, you are Popeye Doyle.

Motor Vehicle Sundown is an audio piece for two audience members in a car parked in the middle of a busy city. It is a journey through the history of our relationship to this most mythologised of objects and the dream of America with which it is so intimately bound up. You will navigate your way through rolling fields and along endless highways, gazing out of the windows at a world of your own invention.

Commissioned by The Arches, Glasgow

Upcoming Dates:

Caravan Showcase, Brighton Festival. 12 – 15 May
Mayfest, Bristol. dates tbc


  1. Sounds great. I’ve linked to this from EnergyRoyd, a hyperlocal website about climate change and energy. Hope this is ok.

    • Yep that’s great – thanks very much.

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