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In 1909 when the news broke that Louis Blériot had crossed the channel in his home-made aircraft, the first person to cross a large body of water in heavier-than-air vehicle, it was supposed to change everything. It was the dawning of a new age.

When he heard of Blériot’s flight the architect Auguste Perret charged into the room in which his young then-employee Le Corbusier was working, and said:

Blériot has crossed the channel! Wars are finished! No more wars are possible! There are no longer any frontiers!


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  1. I read somewhere (don’t recall where) that when the Wright brothers invented the powered, heavier-than-air craft, the first practical application that occurred to them was the military one. As the title character says in Gerald Kersh’s story “Comrade Death”, an aeroplane is primarily something to drop things out of.

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