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When was this said (no cheating):

Art may soon become a meaningless word. In its place, “communications programming” would be a more imaginative label, attesting to our new jargon, our technological and managerial fantasies, and our pervasive electronic contact with one another.

And for a bonus point, who by?



  1. Allan Kaprow, Manifesto. 1966. UNDERGRADUATE DISSERTATION FTW

  2. Franz Anton Mesmer, around 1800?!

  3. Would call late-90s Ballard, if it wasn’t for the word “managerial”.

    • Finlay Robertson
    • Posted November 23, 2009 at 4:57 pm
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    66? Alan Kaprow?

  4. Finlay is dead on.

    I probably owe you a drink, then.

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