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A conversation that happened:

Me, gazing absently at the abseiling line graphs on the front of the Guardian: Hell in a fucking handcart

Tassos: Yup

Me: We’re all pretty much screwed

Tassos: I’m a freelancer working in the culture industry so you know…

Me: … There’s others that are going to be worse off. Still we’ll be out there picking scraps of gruel of the bloodied streets with the rest of them.


One Comment

  1. Oddly, when I heard the news I was sitting in a basement in Slovakia getting very drunk with Simon Stephens (I was getting very drunk, Simon was a model of restraint). That seemed like a pretty neat way of seeing in the end of Western capitalism as we know it. I’m still feeling rather sad that it didn’t turn into quite the conflagration we were led to expect.

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